Way to Co! Carrbrook musician secures debut record deal

A CARRBROOK musician’s career has taken “a massive step” with the signing of his first ever record deal.

And Cobain Jones’ breakthrough contract comes with a two-in-one bonus.

His backers are Run on Records in partnership with Modern Sky UK, a branch of Modern Sky Entertainment Co Ltd which is the largest music-indie label in China.

Cobain Jones

“At 19, after only one and a half years as an artist, signing a record deal on my own is quite an achievement,” said singer songwriter Cobain.

“I never thought I would be in his position until I was at least 23.

“In my early teens, watching The Stone Roses and The Cribs, I knew that music was what I wanted to do from then onwards.

“Previously, I recorded songs in my bedroom. Now I have been into Parr Street Studios (Liverpool) where Coldplay recorded.

“And I was produced by James Skelly out of the Coral who has produced Blossoms. So, it is a massive step for me.”

Cobain, a second year music performance student at Oldham College, also revealed a first track since signing his deal is due out by the end of October.

He added: “Ever since I signed it has brought a lot of good stuff out in me such as my work ethic.

“They showed interest in March when one of the CEOs emailed to me. It went back and forth before I signed a contract in May though I had to keep it secret until the end of August.

“So, it’s been largely a positive lockdown apart from not playing any gigs.”

The pandemic did prevent a second appearance at Kendal Calling after his acclaimed debut – and first ever gig – last year.

But he hopes to tour in 2021 armed by his exciting new record deal. And it is another positive response to the bullies who taunted him due to his Asperger’s, saying: ‘You’ll never do anything’.

“It’s also me trying to defy the bad stigma that is associated with autism and Asperger’s,” he told the Correspondent last year.

To follow Cobain’s career go online to: www.facebook.com/cobainjones01

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  1. I am so very proud of my Grandson Cobain. He is a wonderful young man.Very kind and considerate.
    I use to worry about his future when he was diagnosed with autism, wondering what would await him in later years. This life can be so difficult at times .
    But now, I know he is happy doing what he dreamed about doing when he was much younger. My heart is full of love and optimism for his very bright future in the music industry. He shines when He preforms,spreading a charm among his audiences. For me he transports me back to a 14 years old girl mad about the Beatles music.
    You may be thinking. I’m biased? Yes I am but that doesn’t take anything away for this very talented young man.

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