Don’t lose your vote

IF you haven’t responded to your electoral registration form yet, make sure you do so soon.

The annual canvass is required by law and is when local authorities check the electoral register to make sure eligible residents are registered to vote.

Properties across Tameside will be receiving different kinds of communication depending on whether data suggest there have been changes in household occupancy. They only need to respond if changes have taken place.

People who do not register will not only be unable to vote and express their views through the ballot box, they could also find it difficult to get credit or a mobile phone account.

All you need to do is visit and make sure you have your National Insurance number to hand. The service is available round the clock, seven days a week.

Although only people aged 18 can vote, all 16 and 17-year-olds should respond to the canvass to make sure they are eligible to do so as soon as they come of age.

Because of Covid-19 there is no elections office this year so forms cannot be delivered in person.

For more information call 0161 342 8355, email
or visit

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