Together We Recycle: Waste not, want not to help Emmaus and others

EMMAUS Mossley is using Recycle Week 2020 – September 21-27– to appeal for help to ensure good quality items don’t go to waste.

The homelessness charity supports 26 formerly homeless people by providing a home and work in a community setting.

It runs a large social enterprise, selling donated furniture, household goods, upcycled items, clothes, books, music and vintage wares. 

Emmaus Mossley community members celebrate Recycle Week

The theme for this year’s Recycle Week, now in its 17th year, is ‘Together – We Recycle’. 

Gary Barton, an Emmaus Mossley companion, said: “As a charity our main focus is homelessness and helping those in need. Another key priority has always been reuse and recycling. 

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone who gifts us good quality furniture and other items to support our cause. 

“It helps to keep our charity going and gives people the chance to buy second-hand items at a fair price. 

“We’re asking people who are planning to donate goods to check our website and view the latest list of items we’re currently accepting. 

“We update this regularly and it is really helping us to sort, process, make the most of the items we receive and minimise waste.”

Emmaus Mossley is keen to spread the word that when an item is donated to the charity, the utmost is done to reuse, recycle or upcycle the item to give it a longer life. 

Behind the scenes is a reuse and recycling hub including workshops where items are sorted, tested, repaired and processed for resale.

Items available from scrap shed at Emmaus Mossley

Steve Reynolds deputy community leader, said: “Recycle Week is a great opportunity to encourage everyone to reduce their consumption of new products, reuse what you can and recycle items at the end of their life.  

“Here at Emmaus we are always looking to improve our social enterprise, promote reuse and reduce the volume of items that cannot be sold. 

“By us all working together, we’re reducing waste to landfill, doing our bit for the environment and helping to sustain the support offered to people who have experienced homelessness.”

If you would like to support Emmaus Mossley by donating items, check to see which items are currently being accepted by visiting the website

Drop-off donations can only be made during opening hours.

For more information about Recycle Week visit

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