Jor-dropping response to Fagbola injury agony

JORDAN Fagbola has been bowled over by a fundraising effort launched by Hyde United fans after a season-ending injury.

And the skipper believes the club’s stance after rupturing his Achilles tendon only shows the character of the people at the club.

The Tigers are also honouring the 26-year-old’s contract, even though he is almost certain to not feature in the forthcoming Northern Premier League campaign.

That alone, plus the fans’ support, which has raised more than £700, has left the defender eternally grateful.

And he still hopes to play a role in a successful campaign at Ewen Fields, in his own way.

Jordan told a podcast: “It’s brilliant from the club, I’ve not got the words to show how much I appreciate it.

“It was a routine thing. I went to shoot, thinking it was going into the top corner, but as I pushed off it felt and sounded like someone slid through the back of me.

“I didn’t feel any pain, it was the realisation of knowing how long the rehab is but the club is sticking by me, which is phenomenal. It shows the type of people we’ve got there – they’re great people.

“They’re trying to do everything they can to make sure finances aren’t on my mind. I can’t thank them enough.

“I’m looking at probably 10-12 months out. In my head, I’m aiming for next year’s pre-season.

“This year is a write off in terms of me as a player but I still feel like I’ve a lot to give to the club and the players that are there.

“This gives me a bit of scope to do things I wouldn’t normally do as a player – like scouting other teams or helping out on training days.

“I’m not going to try to be Pep Guardiola but I can have a chat with players, saying, ‘Have you thought about doing this?’

“Nothing much has changed, though. I’m just a bit less mobile!”

• If you want to contribute to the fund to help Jordan Fagbola, you can do so online

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