Elsie goes extra mile for NHS

A GIRL’S fundraising drive for the NHS has taken on a life of its own after she beat her intended target almost 20 times over.

Elsie Walton wanted to raise £72 to honour the National Health Service in its 72nd year by riding 72 miles over a 10 day period.

But the Gorse Hall Primary School pupil soon found out that targets are only there to be broken.

And by the time The Correspondent went to press, she had amassed more than £1,300!

Elsie Walton

“It’s been amazing,” said proud mum Kimberlee Coogan. “I’m so chuffed for her.

“It was amazing really. Her dad received a letter about raising £72 for the NHS and it was on the table.

“Elsie just said, ‘What’s this about? I want to do that. It went from there.

“And the amount of money is amazing. She didn’t know how far 72 miles was, she’s only five and she was very tired.

“And it gave her the first lie-ins of her life. Normally, she’d get up at 6am but during the ride, she would stay in bed until 9am.”

Elsie, who carried out her rides in July, toured the area around her home on her fundraising ride, along with father Richard.

However, she initially said she wanted to complete all 72 miles in just one night!

“I said, ‘I don’t think you can do it in one night,’” added Kimberlee, of Staley Hall Road. “Her dad set up a JustGiving page and then it was a case of, ‘Come on, get your scruffs on and we’ll go out on the bike.’

“She did it over eight rides with two days off, making it 10 daysAnd on the way, the pupil received donations from strangers who called her over as she was completing a journey.

“People would spot her t-shirt and ask what she was doing,” said Kimberlee. “And when they got told, they’d give her £10 or even £20.”

Her funds will be donated to Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs 11 hospitals across the area, including the Nightingale, which was set up at the Manchester International Convention Centre, known as G-Mex.

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