Clown is the link to morris men’s past

MOSSLEY morris men have rekindled another link with their team from 100 years ago.

When the morris men eventually turn out again once Covid-19 restrictions are eased, they will be
joined by a clown.

Mossley Morris Man, John

The team from yesteryear always had one or two clowns with them, although they are not sure whether they actually danced or may be collected money from the public.

However, the new clown, 80-year-old John Heywood, certainly will be dancing having been selected for the job.

And John’s costume has been made by Lynne Barker, one of the Mossley morris men’s musicians
Morris Men’s president Martin Stimson added the team has already adopted flat caps and waistcoats, the attire worn by the original dancers.

Martin added they have found a picture of the morris men from 1922 where they were performing outside the Stamford Arms and joined by two clowns.

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