Mossley and Saddleworth Want to Live: Extinction Rebellion uses outdoor display to call for change

A COLOURFUL and creative outdoor display of home-made butterflies, bees and birds at Top Mossley Market Ground was designed to do more than just catch the eye.

This symbolic (and socially distanced) action by Mossley and Saddleworth Extinction Rebellion (MSXR) aimed to highlight the catastrophic decline in the UK’s wildlife and press the Government for change.

The display was in place on Sunday, August 30 as part of a series of national events over the bank holiday weekend entitled ‘We Want To Live’, culminating with a major action in Manchester on Tuesday, September 1.

The campaign aims to put more pressure on the UK government to address XR’s three demands: tell the truth and declare a climate emergency; act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025; and go beyond politics and create a citizens assembly to address the emergency.

Nic, from MSXR, said: “Lockdown has shown people the importance of nature but the sixth mass extinction has started and the continuing destruction of the natural world for short term profit is a threat to us all.

“Going back to pre-Covid ways will guarantee bleak futures for following generations. For example, we’ve already lost many of our pollinating bees which will affect our ability to produce food. And climate change will just make things even worse.

“What is more important, clean air, bees and birdsong or the drive for infinite economic growth in a finite world?

“We’d need two and a half planets to sustain UK levels of consumption and we’ve only got the one!”

To reach a wider audience, individual group members have posted their displays on Facebook under the hashtag #wewanttolive.

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