Government backed by Tameside councillor

A TAMESIDE councillor has come out in support of the Government’s handling of this year’s exam results.

While many people have slammed Boris Johnson’s administration – including Angels Rayner MP and the NEU teaching union to this newspaper – over the GCSE and A Level furore, Clive Patrick believes it acted properly.The Conservative representative sits on the authority’s Education Attainment Improvement Board and his Stalybridge South ward takes in the sites of Copley Academy and West Hill High School.

And he believes the U-turns over the way grades were attained shows how strong a Government it is.

He also believes Labour campaigned against the system of teacher predicted grades, which it was changed to.

Cllr Patrick said: “Firstly, the current Conservative Government is a very strong, hard working but listening Government that admits their mistakes and rectifies them ASAP.

“The world has and is going through a great turmoil that nobody could have predicted.

“Unfortunately there has been too much criticism in hindsight. Hopefully now any damage done to the future of our children has been minimised.

“It was also only during the election in December that the Labour Party campaigned against “Teacher Assessed Predicted Grades.”

“The then Shadow Education Secretary and now Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner announced plans to scrap the “deeply unfair” system of teachers predicting grades.”

While disputing claims over the way the results were handled, Cllr Patrick admitted one thing was not in doubt – the attitude of Tameside schools’ teachers.

He added: “As the Tameside Opposition spokesman for lifelong learning, I would like to express my admiration and thanks to all the headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants and reception staff, many of whom have all stepped up to the plate during this pandemic.

“They are now working on ways that our children can return to school as safely as possible in September.”

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