Award for lifesaver Hero Connor given honour by MP

SECURITY guard Connor McMillan turned lifesaver as he came to the aid of a stricken stabbing victim at Crown Point North.

And the exploits of the 23-year-old have been recognised as he became a recipient of a Citizen’s Award from Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish.

Connor McMillan and Andrew Gwynne MP

Mr Gwynne described it as different to his usual awards, more a special commendation for his swift action to stem flow of blood after the victim sustained a punctured lung and damage to his heart.

He said: “There is someone still living because of Connor’s quick thinking and lifesaving skills and his bravery in a potentially dangerous situation.

“After there was a stabbing on the retail park, Connor intervened and saved the life of the person who was attacked and looked after him until the paramedics arrived.

“Connor’s job is to protect the people of Denton and others who shop at Crown Point North and this was a prime example of that.”

Connor, who has been security supervisor at the retail park for more than two years, relived the incident which happened on July 7.

After receiving reports of fighting on the retail park between two rival gangs, Connor sent out a security guard to investigate.

The guard relayed a message that there had been a stabbing and Connor grabbed a first aid kit and raced to the scene.

Connor, who had been provided with first aid training by his employers British Land, discovered the casualty was a friend’s brother which made it far more emotional.

He said: “He was not in a good way, pale and clinging on. I was worried for his life.

“I cleaned the wound and packed it with bandages to stop the bleeding and kept talking to him to ensure he remained conscious until the paramedics arrived.

“I have administered first aid quite a few times, but obviously nothing as serious as this.

“I tend to know what needs doing and just got on with it and didn’t give it much thought. I just wanted to get the best possible outcome.”

Connor, a Dentonian, later discovered the victim had punctured a lung and there was a laceration to part of his heart.

While the former pupil at Corrie Primary and Denton Community College was tending the victim, his colleague Joe Bullock apprehended a suspect until police arrived.

Connor, worried about the severity of the victim’s injury, kept checking his condition and has since spoken to him on the telephone and they are due to have an emotional meeting soon.

He was given leave for a couple of days afterwards to get over the trauma.

Connor said: “The company’s HR told me to stay off until I felt well enough to return as it was quite grizzly, especially as the victim was someone I knew.

“My employer also offered me full support if I needed it but, after two days off, I returned to work.”

Alan Barker, Crown Point North manager, praised Connor, declaring: “He dealt with what was a life-or-death situation superbly.

“Connor dashed to the scene and as well as treating the victim was on the phone to the emergency services while a colleague detained a suspect.”

Alan described the retail park as having a “really good team” running it.

He said: “In the last 12 months we have worked hard to break down a lot of walls and build relationships with stores.

“We have lots of issues, like many retails parks have, with intoxication and anti-social behaviour.

“Thanks to the training of the staff, we are able to dissolve it on site before the trouble reaches the store. We have also built good relationships with Greater Manchester Police and in particular the local officers and PCSOs.

“We have worked extremely hard to get the centre where it is today, but we are still on the journey and where we want to be.”

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