Damian snapped as one of UK’s best

A DENTON-BASED photographer is riding high after being named as one of the country’s best by a prestigious magazine.

Damian Brandon was highlighted by Cosmopolitan as one of the top 15 wedding photographers in a feature.

And few were shocked more than the man himself, whose reputation has spread quickly.

Damian Brandon

Damian, who lives on Belmont Avenue, is known for capturing the non-traditional wedding portraits.

Judges at Cosmo said: “A Damian Brandon photograph is instantly recognisable for its atmospheric and intimate style.

“Many of his portraits are shot from the street and capture the special moments between husband and wife when it’s just them.

“He uses black and white themes to keep the focus on his subjects, so he’s the perfect photographer if you’re looking for something sleek and stylish to remember.”

Such praise came out of the blue for the former graphic designer, who said: “I was shocked when I heard the news that I had made into the best top 15 Cosmopolitan wedding photographers to follow,

“I was told by a fellow photographer that my name had come up in that listing as number two otherwise I guess I would have never had known.

“Being named among the other photographers on that list whose work I have personally loved and followed over the years was a bit surreal to be honest so no doubt this will add so much credibility to my business especially in the marketing side.

“As for my style, I guess Cosmo summed it up quite well. I think because I also shoot 35mm and 120 film in my wedding work.

“It gives my images a timeless raw look that cannot be achieved using digital so I love to use analogue cameras shooting weddings and deliver Polaroids also. I am also introducing Super 8 films soon too.”

Damian, who describes his approach as to ‘NOT recreate anything, stop any proceedings, boss your day but to quite simply photograph genuine moments as they happen,’ had another busy year lined up.

Then along came Covid-19 and the lockdown, which has decimated the wedding industry.

Some dates have been moved back 12 months but the effect cannot be understated.

Damian added: “I have been super busy the last few years and this year I had 47 weddings to shoot, I shot three in March and then the lockdown started shortly after.

“It’s been pretty horrendous to say the least, moving 28 weddings to next year and some have moved to 2022.

“But I have to say the clients have been amazing working with me and so thoughtful on our behalf.

This also goes to the venues and other wedding suppliers to secure new dates that we can all do.

“I have also lost a few weddings as I could not do the dates they had their heart set on which I am so gutted about as they were destination weddings in Greece etc.

“I’ve taken a hit for sure because all those weddings I have moved to ‘key dates’ next year which could have potentially been filled with new bookings.

“I have done this at no extra cost to save stress for my clients and to make it as easy as possible to transfer the weddings to new dates.

“So it’s almost as if I am taking a ‘year hit’ if that makes sense.”

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