Enforcement officers to patrol parks to clamp down on litter louts

RESIDENTS are urged to be respectful of coronavirus restrictions when using parks and greenspaces, and not to leave litter under any circumstances. 

Litter left behind on Cowbury Dale in Carrbrook

People have been out and about in their droves enjoying the fantastic open spaces Tameside has to offer during recent months. Residents are becoming more aware of what Tameside offers, spending time in local places and are having a great time, especially with the warm and sunny weather.

This increased, safe, use of parks and green spaces is welcomed and encouraged, however, unfortunately there has been a confirmed increase in a minority of people leaving litter behind them and fly-tipping. The term ‘litter’ covers any discarded items which cause defacement of the area, including cigarette butts, dog mess, chewing gum, sweet papers or drink cans.

While most residents are acting responsibly, disposing of their litter and respecting Tameside’s greenspaces; this serves as a reminder to everyone to always put litter in bins, and if bins are full be sure to take any litter and dog waste home. It is also important to note that leaving bags of rubbish or dog mess around bins which are full is counted as fly-tipping, and is illegal – it is an offence to drop litter on any land to which the public has access. Leaving litter can also be harmful to wildlife.

Anyone of those minority caught committing an offence will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80. This could lead to a potential fine of £1,000 for a second dog fouling offence and £2,500 for a second litter offence or a failure to pay the Penalty Notice.

There have also been an increase number of cases of graffiti and damage to equipment – the parks have sadly seen some very anti-social behaviour from a small number of individuals.

People are asked to think of others, and of park staff when visiting this summer, and most of all, to please be kind.

They are also reminded to adhere to key coronavirus guidelines when visiting:

  • Only visit in groups of up to 6 people from multiple households, or larger than 6 if everyone is exclusively from 2 households or support bubbles.
  • Always socially distance from people outside of your household
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or use hand sanitiser when on the go

Tameside Council and police officers are continuing to patrol sites and will have a regular presence over the coming weeks.

Councillor Allison Gwynne, Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “It’s great that people have been out making the most of parks and greenspaces during the coronavirus pandemic – however it’s important to adhere to coronavirus guidelines, and remember that we have a zero tolerance policy regarding littering or fly-tipping.

“We urge residents to act in a community minded way and take rubbish home with them if public space litter bins are full.

“We’ve seen some fantastic examples of community spirit with residents and volunteers litter picking across the borough. However as much this is commended and appreciated, it should not be necessary as it is everyone’s civic duty to dispose of their own litter responsibly.”

“We ask that you help us to help you in up-keeping a clean and safe borough for all. Where we do find people littering, enforcement action will be taken. ”For more info and to report littering or fly tipping please go to www.tameside.gov.uk/litter.

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