Denton doorman jailed for assault

A DOORMAN from Denton who knocked his victim unconscious with one punch to the head after a fight broke out in a Manchester night club has been jailed for almost two years.

Gareth Carr, 21, of Denbigh Road, pleaded guilty to a Section 20 assault, which is grievous bodily harm, and affray. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison at Minshull Street Crown Court.

The court heard the attack by a group of bouncers left St Helens academy rugby player Joe Sharratt, 18, with a bleed on the brain, deaf in one ear and advised not to play again, though he is still pursuing his dream of becoming a professional.

Gareth Carr from Denton has been jailed for an assault on former rugby league star Joe Sharratt

It came hours after Sharratt, a student at Lancaster University, had appeared for Lancashire against Australia in an academy match at the Etihad Stadium.

At around 3.20am on Sunday, December 2, 2018, Carr was stood with several other door staff at the front door of Factory Nightclub on Princess Street.

Sharratt and his friend Leon Cooper had been asked to leave the club by two of the door staff and were seen arguing with them and other members of staff outside the premises.

As both men moved away from the club they were assaulted, with Sharratt receiving a punch to the head from Carr. He was knocked unconscious causing his head to collide with the pavement.

A woman who witnessed the attack contacted police and Sharratt was taken to hospital, where he spent five days, after sustaining a serious head injury. He suffered permanent hearing loss as a result of the attack.

Officers launched an investigation and reviewed hours’ worth of CCTV and mobile phone footage as part of their enquiries.

Factory nightclub Manchester

Thankfully, they were able to obtain enough evidence to arrest Carr on Friday, December 14, 2018.

Detective Inspector Paul Crompton of GMP’s North Manchester District said: “This shocking attack caused severe life changing injuries to a man who suffered permanent hearing loss at the hands of Carr’s violent actions.

“I hope that today’s result goes some way to providing the victim with some closure after his ordeal.
“I would personally like to thank the members of the public who called police and aided officers by capturing the incident on their phones and handing their footage over as evidence.

“It massively helped us to build a clear picture of what happened that night.

“Manchester offers people a fun and vibrant nightlife economy and we should be proud of that.

“No-one should be subjected to this kind of abuse at the hands of a security guard who is employed to protect people. Thankfully Carr will have some time to contemplate his actions.”

There were five other men involved in this case who received suspended sentences and unpaid work requirements of 150 hours.

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