Residents left to clean up after illegal gathering

A SIZEABLE group of young people, who gathered twice on successive nights at Cowbury Green, Carrbrook, has been criticised for leaving the green space strewn with litter.

And it left irate villagers to clean up the mess and voice their anger at the way in which lockdown rules were broken, putting others at risk.

Littler left behind on Cowbury Dale in Carrbrook
Illegal gathering in Carrbrook Village

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It was topical in the light of what has recently gone on with the raves in Greater Manchester and the mass gatherings at Bournemouth.

“It wasn’t anything on that scale in terms of numbers, certainly not a rave as they had picnic blankets, and tonnes of rubbish was not dumped as happened on the beaches.

“It was nevertheless a gathering of about 40 people who weren’t social distancing so were putting others at risk as well as leaving it in a state which was dangerous for children and animals.”

The individual added villagers should not be left to clear up the mess as they collected two large bags and lots of boxes of waste.

The resident continued: “We live in a beautiful place which we respect.

“By all means come and enjoy it, but just be responsible and respectful and leave it lovely as you found it.

“What was upsetting was the fact so much waste was left behind and there was an anti-social air – it was intimidating.”

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