Painted parking problems push people’s patience

PEOPLE living on a cul-de-sac have been left baffled after council workers painted ‘Keep Clear’ warnings at the end of their street.

Now Cedar Avenue in Stalybridge is home to the lettering after workmen apparently turned up unannounced to do the work.

Cedar Avenue, Stalybridge

But not everyone who lives there is happy at the latest additions from Tameside Council. In fact, they have been left wondering why it was even done.

It seems this is the latest step in a battle against alleged problem parking on the street.

However, resident Ian Willis is adamant that it was not needed.

He said: “Everybody’s now upset. I’m pretty upset about it to be honest. It’s something you’d expect to have outside a school or an industrial estate, not a cul-de-sac.

“They just turned up and did it. They painted them free hand and didn’t stay for long.

“We only moved on to the street in September of last year but we’ve been told by other people who’ve lived here longer that cars when they park up get notes left on them for parking there – even Tesco delivery vans have had them.

“Photos are also taken of vehicles parking there.

“We’ve got CCTV and you could say, ‘Show me a date or time’ and we’d pretty much be able to show there were no cars parked there – and there was nothing really to stop them from being left there if drivers wanted to.

“They wouldn’t have been causing an obstruction. As cul-de-sacs go, this is quite a big one. You could probably turn a 747 on here!”

Signage erected on Cedar Avenue by Tameside Council

The new signage, which was added at the start of July at the ‘turning head’ part of the road where it widens out to form a circle, has sparked an increase in arguments about the issue.

A sign asking people to keep it clear has been put up but Ian says he has contacted both councillors and MP Jonathan Reynolds about what to do.

However, he says he was told by Tameside Council that if they want it reversing, they could face a bill.

He added: “We were going to let the notes and warnings go but this painting is now causing arguments with people living on the street.

“If the council had put a notice up or told people that if you think there’s a problem, let us know, they would’ve got a response saying there’s not a problem.

“I spoke to the council but their attitude was ‘It’s our road, we can do what we want with it’.

“We were also told we’d have to put a petition together against it and if they remove it and damage the road surface, we’d have to pay for it.”

Tameside Council admitted it painted the ‘Keep Clear’ signs on the road after being approached by a resident.

It also reminded people parking their vehicles in that area they are breaking the law.

The council said in a statement: “We were approached by a resident to say that obstructive parking was taking place in the turning head of Cedar Avenue. This was backed up by photographs.

“Parking in turning heads is an offence under legislation. The ‘keep clear’ markings were put in place as a reminder to drivers not to cause obstructions.”

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