William hopes new floorings shop proves to be a knockout

PROFESSIONAL boxer William O’Reilly has reopened his business which has survived an earlier knockout punch.

The 31-year-old has new premises for his carpet firm Prince Edward Flooring at 124 Market Street, Hyde.And to celebrate the official opening, William is offering customers a range of special deals.

William, who had 154 bouts as an amateur and 12 currently as a pro, will be hoping for better luck than with his first shop which was nearby.

Having initially begun his business out of the back of a van, William was excited to finally have his own base in Hyde.

But it quickly became a nightmare as he explained: “Two days after I got the keys, a car smashed through the window.

“I never got to open the shop as it took 18 months to get the insurance work done and the landlord then let somebody else have it before I had the chance to move in.”

William added he was again forced to operate from the back of his van, with the business more or less grinding to a halt.

He is excited to have new premises which will enable him to expand with the help of partner Nichola and self-employed carpet fitters who will assist him.

William, a former pupil at Hyde primaries Bradley Green and St Paul’s and All Saints RC College, received the keys to his new shop during lockdown and spent time refurbishing them.

It was 11 years ago that William trained as a carpet fitter and he has been self-employed for the last five years.

William, who has six wins from his 12 bouts, is also hoping to soon be back in the ring.

“I had three big fights lined up before Covid-19, but they obviously didn’t happen,” he explained.

2 Replies to “William hopes new floorings shop proves to be a knockout”

  1. Who knew the tameside correspondent spams liars.
    Title should read…
    “Cowboy con man opens new shop and changes name so no body realises.”
    He owned the shop for over 3 years, along with 3 years of rent he decided not to pay which resulted in him being evicted.
    Forced to work out the back of a van you say? A van he illegally drove.
    Go tameside! Flaunting criminals across your page since god knows when.

    1. How am I a con man? All rent was paid until was it was closed for 24 months due to the crash. Love to know who you actually are spouting lies.
      We employ 3 different drivers so i don’t know what you mean?

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