Over £8,000 raised for hospice by local fundraiser

WILLOW Wood supporter Natalie Yates has raised £8,215 for the Ashton-based hospice by running a series of very successful online raffles.Community events organiser Laura Marinelli, who received the cheque from Natalie, said: “We’re totally over the moon with this donation, it really has exceeded our expectations.

“And it’s on top of a number of other very practical items which Natalie has donated. She gave us a large number of surgical facemasks when they were desperately needed, Perspex screens for our reception and shops, sanitising gel and more.

“I’d like to thank Natalie on behalf of everyone at Willow Wood, staff, volunteers, but most of all on behalf of our patients. Your efforts have paid for well over a full day’s running costs – an amazing achievement. Thank you Natalie, you really are a superstar supporter.”

Volunteer grants fundraiser needed

Willow Wood has many different volunteer roles, all of which play an important part in the smooth running of the organisation. One very necessary volunteer position is that of grants and trusts fundraiser, a position which recently has raised between £50,000 and £80,000 annually for the hospice.

Theresa Wych, one of the volunteers who has held this role explains. “It’s such a fulfilling role, and I just can’t describe how good it feels when I receive a letter back saying my work has helped award a grant to Willow Wood. These grants can range from a few hundred pounds to many thousands.

“I have to do a certain amount of research and match the correct criteria, some of the grants can be for general running costs while others can be tailored to type of organisation or to purchase specific equipment.

“It’s fascinating and since its computer based, I can do it from home in a few hours each week. I’m sad to be giving up this role, but the changes in ways of working due to the pandemic have meant I’m giving longer hours in the family business and caring more for my grandchildren – which is wonderful!”

Anthony Lord, Willow Wood’s head of income generation, said “I want to thank both Theresa and John English who recently retired as a grants volunteer for their commitment and for bringing in such huge sums over the years. If anyone would like to find out a bit more about the role, please contact our volunteer office, that’s volunteering@willowwood.info or you can apply online at www.willowwood.info”.

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