MP is special guest for online assembly at Millbrook Primary

JONATHAN Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, made a guest appearance at special Millbrook Primary School online assembly.

With school still shut at the time, the assembly was an opportunity to bring pupils together.The assembly, run by Google and Parentzone, was great fun but it also provided an important message providing advice in staying safe online enabling them to ‘Be Internet Legends’.

Children were able to respond to questions from the presenters through their teachers and loved hearing ‘shout outs’ to themselves and their friends.

Mr Reynolds told pupils he was “jealous” of them because, when he was growing up, he did not have their access to information.

He also reinforced the message about safety online explaining it was important to share any concerns with parents or teachers.

“The internet is a massive tool for good if it is used right. There are more people staying at home and exploring more on the internet,” he said.

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