Stalybridge musician is shaking hands with Nashville

LIVE entertainment group Handshake Ltd is screening a documentary featuring Stalybridge musician Dominic Halpin’s remarkable journey from wedding singer to the West End stage via TicketCo TV.

‘A Country Night in Nashville – 4,000 Miles in the Making’ tells the story of how Dominic met legendary Handshake producer Stuart Littlewood and created the UK’s most successful live country music show.

Dominic Halpin

Stuart saw Dominic performing at a bar in Leeds and went on to build a band, The Hurricanes, around him and take country music mainstream via a sell-out UK theatre tour.

Handshake Ltd have produced and managed multiple successful UK theatre productions including ABBA Mania, Buddy, Oh What a Night! and Reach out to Motown.

Country Night in Nashville recreates the scene of a buzzing Honky Tonk in downtown Nashville and features classic hits from Johnny Cash through to Alan Jackson.

Covid-19 meant the sell-out tour was put on hold, and Stuart and Dominic have used the time to produce a fascinating documentary on the making of the show and Dominic’s journey in music over more than 20 years.

‘A Country Night in Nashville – 4,000 Miles in the Making’ will be broadcast 9pm on Thursday, July 23, tickets are on sale now. The documentary will also remain available to watch via video-on-demand.

Stuart, founder of Handshake Ltd, said: “It is about the creation of the show and its effect on the British market, because country music has never been played to large audiences in the UK before. We both love country music and it has been a labour of love taking it to the masses and the documentary shares how we did it.

“It also details Dominic’s journey, singing in clubs in the UK, on cruise ships and working overseas through to making the big stage and selling out 2,000 capacity theatres. Dominic had gathered video clips throughout his career, so we had a lot of great material. We are proud of the documentary and it will appeal to anyone who loves music generally.

“TicketCo TV has given us a platform to have our own television channel and to share our documentary with a global audience. If we had gone to a UK TV company our audience would have been restricted. But this way we have been in full control of the content and it will now go to a global audience and be available to anyone online who loves the Country music genre.”

Dominic said: “I’ve always played music and performed around the world, but mainly under the radar. Then I met Stuart and it is been an amazing journey with a successful UK tour. I hope people enjoy the documentary; it shows the journey of someone making it in the industry without being a big brand.”

Joe Edwards, Key Account Manager at TicketCo, said: “The Handshake Group are a well-respected organisation in the entertainment industry. It has been great getting to know Stuart and the team, whilst supporting them in connecting with their audiences once again, via our TicketCo TV platform.

“A Country Night in Nashville has been a roaring success and we’re delighted to be screening the behind the scenes documentary that should resonate with country music fans globally.”

Tickets are available at

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