Carrbrook anglers’ unusual catch

A FISHING club is celebrating after a car was finally pulled out from the bottom of one of its waters – after sitting there for 20 years.

Carrbrook Angling Club had been coping with what it thought was a Metro that had been resting on the bed and leaking oil.

But on Sunday, June 14, the vehicle was finally dragged out.

And to everyone’s surprise, the car was far bigger as it turned out to be a Vauxhall Cavalier estate!

“When it was in the water, we could only see the top,” said Gary Rothwell of Carrbrook Angling Club.

“It was sat three-and-a-half to four metres deep so was buried.

“And when it came to moving it, we had to turn it around as we tried dragging it but it kept sticking, so it went in head first and came out head first!”

Diver John Kelly went into the water and attached ropes to the car which took about three hours, with Gary admitting it was a struggle.

“Apart from being a larger car than we imagined, it was also full of silt and must have weighed a couple of tonnes which made it tricky getting it out. Luckily, we had the right team including guys with a recovery truck, winches and pulleys,” he explained.

After finding out what type of car it was, a bit of research unveiled its back story.

“It was last taxed in 1999, so it had been there for at least 20 years,” Gary added. “And even though it looks yellow on the areas you can see the bodywork, it is in fact meant to be white.

“I had a look on the Government’s website and found out the last registered keeper did so in July 1999, pretty much since then it’s been missing.

“We knew it was there as when the water levels dropped you could see it but we never really knew what it was.

“And actually, the car has been quite well preserved considering.”

After checks with the police found there was no record of it being stolen or registered as missing, the car was taken away to be recycled.

But Gary believes removing it will help the area known as Rainwater Two, which is situated near Crowswood Estate, Carrbrook.

“We think all the oil had leaked out of the car, but you used to see little pools every now and then. The other problem was anglers’ fishing lines would catch the car and snag,” he said.

An attempt to remove the car the previous week failed so the angling club brought in extra equipment which made the difference.

A delighted Gary concluded: “Now it’s gone, it’s a great result to get something out that had been there for years – having a car at the bottom of a lake is no good for anyone, is it?

“So hopefully it’s a problem that’s been solved and it’s good for the environment and the fish that live there.”

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