Cabin move creates garden space

HEADS were not the only thing turning in Carrbrook as a long-standing cabin was shifted after 10 years.

And The Correspondent can claim some of the responsibility as it only happened after an appeal in the newspaper.

For years, hopes of making a real community garden on land next to Crowswood Drive had been thwarted because of the structure’s position right in its centre.

But after Terry Drabble issued an appeal in The Correspondent to try and find someone willing to help, things literally got moving.

After hearing about the appeal, Manchester-based firm Nortons said they would be happy to do it.

And after getting back in touch to say they were still willing to do it despite everything being put on hold because of coronavirus, on Friday, June 5, Terry’s dream was realised.

For a large wagon made its way on to the land, picked the cabin up and turned it 90 degrees, leaving a clear area for him to go at.

“I showed Nortons the article and they said they’d be willing to help,” he said as David Connor, Angus Quinn and Keith Robinson from the Miles Platting firm did the job.

“All they said for us to do was make sure the roads are safe.

“It’s a massive thing as it opens the area out completely and gives us a new area to work on. We’ll put in raised flower beds and things for the children, even a potting shed.

“We can now get kids involved on the site to make things like bird boxes for the community, which is what all this is about.”

Seeing the cabin hanging in the air after it laid in position for a decade after being donated brought smiles to the faces of Terry and other members of the Carrbrook Community Hub.

And thankfully there were no dramas and no sign of the wagon tipping over.

Even the work that had gone in to create a bed for the cabin to lie on worked perfectly.

Despite early fears at what lay beneath the structure, there were no rats, hedgehogs or squirrels that had the hiding place disturbed – just a mass of tree roots.

Now the cabin has been moved, Terry and other volunteers will really get to work on transforming the area, which already has a wildflower garden at one end, into a fully fledged community garden.

However, the Community Hub remains closed at the moment because of the lockdown measures brought in as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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