Slow down speeding drivers before fatal accident, urge town councillors

ACTION is needed to put the break on speeding motorists in Mossley before somebody is killed, claim town councillors.

They have identified at least five hotspots and are calling on police to operate speed checks to deter drivers from breaking the limit.The matter was raised at the last meeting of Mossley Town Council by independent Cllr Dean Aylett, who told members about speeding on the stretch of Huddersfield Road between Mossley Hollins High School and Manchester Road.

“Whether it is the frustration of lockdown and now people are out more, but they are flying,” explained Cllr Aylett who lives on Hey Farm Estate.

“I reckon cars must be hitting 60 and 70 mph on that stretch of road.”

Cllr Aylett is especially worried about the dangers as Huddersfield Road is used by students attending Mossley Hollins.

And he pinpointed two accident blackspots – the junctions with Lower Hey Lane and Manchester Road.

“I have witnessed between five and seven accidents at the Lower Hey Lane junction in the last 10 years and seen one car overturned,” he explained.

Though the limit has been reduced from 40mph to 30mph and a dummy speed camera is on the road, Cllr Aylett added motorists continue to speed.

Cllr Aylett said neighbours and residents on Hey Farm Estate share his concerns.He continued: “They know the junction is a blindspot and people are scared to go out on the road as pedestrians. Cyclists are also vulnerable.

“Speeding is an issue on this stretch of road and something needs to be done as I fear for the safety of people, especially children going to Mossley Hollins.

“I am not an advocate of speed cameras, but neither am I an advocate of people driving recklessly.”

Cllr Aylett wants traffic calming measures introduced, maybe some as radical as a chicane to reduce the speed cars are being driven.

Town Council chair Cllr Frank Travis had also witnessed speeding on Huddersfield Road, explaining he had seen vehicles travelling so quickly they were “close to take-off”.

Cllr Aylett’s worries were shared by Cllr Stephen Homer who, as a driving instructor, knows the roads of Mossley probably better than most.

“In Mossley we have a few hotspots and we were working with the police about them before lockdown,” he explained.

Apart from Huddersfield Road, Cllr Homer identified Egmont Street, Station Road, Manchester Road and Lees Road as having issues with speeding drivers.

Cllr Homer has particular worries about Egmont Street.

He said: “That is a terrible road for speeding and you have a park on the road.

“There is an argument to have speed restriction measures and I would like to see a chichane, similar to the one in Carrbrook, near the park gates.

“I think that would work and wouldn’t hinder fire engines, ambulances and lorries from using the road.”

Cllr Homer pointed out speeding is an issue which regularly crops up in Mossley.

He said: “Whether it is since lockdown, when there have been fewer cars on the road, but we seem to have noticed it more recently as roads are quieter.

“It is an issue not only in Mossley. When I am driving in Denton, Dukinfield and Droylsden, I regularly get drivers flying by at 50 or 60 mph.”

PC Martin Dench said police are aware of the speeding hotspots in Mossley which are targeted by Tameside police.

He added he and Mossley’s two PCSOs are also awaiting training to use a speed gun they have access to.

And once that is completed, the three officers will also be able to tackle speeding drivers.

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  1. I would suggest a traffic calming scheme (speed bumps). My son is starting Mossley Hollins in September and obviously he wants to walk as going to big school. However, we as parents are terrified of the speeding traffic.

  2. How about doing something on Staley Road as that is used by many as there own race track section,I’ve lived on there for 34yrs and the amount of drivers shooting up and down is crazy sooner or later someone is going to be seriously injured plus the amount damage to residents car’s is really bad.

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