Plans to see Mossley greener

PLANS have been revived to make Mossley a greener place to live.

Mossley Town Council has set aside £1,000 to get a tree planting initiative under way.It was back in early 2019 that Cllr Dean Aylett, The Correspondent’s gardening columnist, put forward a proposal to plant one thousand trees over 10 years as a “lasting legacy”.

It was accepted in principle but superseded by a counter proposal to plant 1,000 trees over a shorter period for greater impact.

“Since then it has stalled and instead of 1,000 trees we have none. There are also none in the pipeline which I want you to go back to my original proposal,” explained Cllr Aylett.

Initially it was estimated it would cost £1,000 annually to plant 100 trees, but Cllr Aylett believes each sapling can be bought for less than the estimated £10 and some obtained free from organisations like the Woodland Trust.

He suggested children aged 11 ought to offered a tree to plant in their garden when they leave primary school. And for those without gardens, they could nominate somewhere to plant their tree.

Cllr Martin Stimson, who is a keen environmentalist, added he knows of a tract of floodplain which would benefit from tree planting.

Cllr Stephen Homer, who proposed allocating £1,000 from the town council budget to get the tree planting underway, said: “It is a brilliant idea and we should back it.

“We have seen vandalism from developers who have cut down trees so it is good to be doing something positive.”

• LOCKDOWN has delayed plans to have two new planters in Mossley to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

It had been hoped the planters, suggested by Mossley town councillor Dean Aylett, would have been in place for the celebrations in early May.

A site in Micklehurst on the same plot as the Christmas tree, has been agreed as the site for the Bottom Mossley planter.

The location for the one in Top Mossley has yet to be finalised, though Hem Place has been suggested.

• MOSSLEY Town Council has ring fenced £150 for ChildFlight, the charity that provides flights and holidays for sick and deserving children.

The town council has long supported the charity which has a lengthy involvement with the local community.

Despite this year’s flights planned flight being cancelled through coronavirus, the town council still favourably looked on the request for financial help.

But town councillors decided to keep hold of the money until the time when the next flights are confirmed.

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