Dave hopes to deliver for Tigers

HYDE United manager Dave McGurk certainly cannot be accused of not delivering during lockdown after finding himself working with a milkman.

And he has certainly done a decent job as he has been offered a long-term role.Now he hopes to repeat that triumph in a different way when the Tigers get back into action.

The Covid-19 outbreak hit the manager on more ways than one. Gone were two cup semi-finals and a Northern Premier League campaign.

But also gone was his football coaching business, meaning he needed new ways to fill his time.

And while he has enjoyed having extra hours with his family, even becoming ‘teacher’ for his two children, he has also been helping out a local business close to where he lives.

Dave said: “My wife works for The Medical Protection Society who represent doctors and nurses. She is working from home but is busier than ever.

“I try to home school the kids, Olly is seven and Maisie is four. It can be frustrating at times but we don’t put too much pressure on them or ourselves.

“It’s important that they come out of this and they remember it I’m a positive way.

“And on top of that I’m working for my friend’s company, The Modern Milkman.

“I can do all of the work from home as I’m organising the food delivery service and they have offered me a more permanent role in dealing with the suppliers.

“With the uncertainty of the restart of football at Hyde and with my academies it’s a job which I’m throwing myself into while I have the opportunity to do it.

“The company has quadrupled in size during the crisis and it’s a fantastic concept which is growing every day.

“My life revolves around football. As well as being manager at Hyde I also run a football coaching company which has had to shut down.

“I’ve enjoyed spending time with the family and we are all fit and healthy and the bills are being paid so we can’t complain at all with what is going on around us.”

While Dave’s life may have been turned upside down, Hyde United have been battling to stay afloat during the shutdown.

They had a £400 boost when fan Andrew Gill put his winning prize money from a virtual 50/50 draw – which raised almost £1,400 – back into the pot.

And the man hoping to lead Hyde United to promotion in 2021 admits he has already held talks with players he wants to stay at Ewen Fields.

Dave added: “It’s a difficult one with recruitment and players for next season.

“I’ve had conversations with all of the existing squad and have commitments from a number of them.

“The others want a little time to think which is fair enough. In the meantime we have our targets who we will keep in touch with.

“There won’t be room for many contracts next year so any commitment with players and the club is a verbal one at the moment.

“And with no start date in sight it’s impossible to plan pre-season dates and games.

“I have an idea of what it will look like once we get a start date but in all honesty I think we will be looking at a start late this year or early next year.

“I hope the Premier League can get their season finished without a hitch and then we all may be able to follow.

“The problem at our level is we need the crowds to survive. Playing behind closed doors isn’t really an option.

“Ultimately it has got to be safe before we return. Football can’t play any part in spreading coronavirus but I am certainly missing it.”

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