Cricketer Jordan expecting to be stumped by Covid-19

JORDAN Williams admits he will be as surprised as anyone if he bowls a cricket ball during a match this year.For the Denton West player, who also plays for England’s disability team, believes social distancing regulations will make it impossible.

The Greater Manchester Cricket League has not yet cancelled its 2020 season, although there is no date fixed yet for a return.

And Williams, who was looking forward to a division one campaign before the Covid-19 outbreak brought cricket to a halt, told The Correspondent of his fears of not seeing any action.

He said: “I can’t see any cricket being played this year.

“Even things as basic as bowling, the ball will be passed between 11 players and it’s hardly socially distance when you’re running in past an umpire.

“Personally, I can’t see any cricket, especially if things like social distancing are going to be around for as long as 12 months.”

Jordan plays for England’s disability team as he is missing a fibula bone in his leg and has a fused ankle after being born 16 weeks prematurely along with twin brother Jamie, who is wicketkeeper for Flowery Field.

That means in the current climate he has had to self-isolate for 12 weeks, so completed his part of the national side’s fundraising marathon challenge in his Dane Bank garden.

The latest GMCL statement, after advice from the England and Wales Cricket Board, said: “It would suggest there will be no recreational cricket until at least the July 1 and, in all likelihood, much later.

“Until we know more, it is difficult to come to any conclusions but we have competitions ready to go for all eventualities.

“In all of this we are acutely aware that our clubs need to remain financially solvent and able to play cricket at some point in the future so we would urge all clubs to take advantage if eligible of the various grants and loans available.”

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