Glowing success for Stalybridge inventor

A STALYBRIDGE based serial inventor’s new product was a winner prompting an incredible feedback when it was unveiled for the first time on national television.

Thomas Gostelow from Glowstone, based in a unit at Cheetham Mill, was appearing on the BBC1 programme ‘The Customer is Always Right’ and was blown away by the reviewers’ reactions to the Glowstone flashlight which won with the show’s highest ever score at the time, 44.5 out of 50.The programme sees Britain’s best entrepreneurs put their precious products before a panel of potential customers who unbox, test and score to find the day’s winner.

The world’s first modular torch, which is wirelessly recharged and extremely bright, was up against a reversible washbag and special swim cap for people with large hair.

Thomas’ torch, which has previously been spotlighted in The Correspondent when it was in the design stage, came out with glowing comments.

When compared to the iPhone’s torch, one user was amazed at the brightness, exclaiming: “Wow, look at the difference, that’s insane.”

Another reviewer, a make-up artist, was so impressed that she said she would use it professionally all the time.

The flashlight’s modularity was highlighted by one user, who commented: “You’ve got all the options to fix it in different ways, so it can be placed however and wherever you’d like.”

The specially designed accessories included mean it can be used as a head torch, a camera light, a bike light, camping light or even a scuba diving light.

The waterproof pocket-sized device is smaller than a credit card, wirelessly recharged and fully enclosed in a silicon rubber casing so you never need to open it to change the battery. This makes it extremely rugged and environmentally friendly. On the programme, the torch was shown being dropped from the top of a building and had a car driven over it.

Thomas came to prominence three years ago when he invented the self-heating Glowstone smart mug, which keeps tea and coffee at the perfect temperature in a china mug.

When reviewed on the Gadget Show last year, it was described as ‘possibly the best gadget ever invented’.

During the show, presenter Lucy Alexander hugged Thomas when he shed a tear at the positive comments.

“It’s good to know that all the hours that the team and I have spent developing the product are appreciated’, said Thomas.

And Thomas revealed the demand for his invention, which has described as a “step changer in light technology”, has been overwhelming.

“I have even had the Army contacting me about tailoring the flashlight for their needs,” he added.

Thomas, who admitted he never thought he would win, will this month start delivering Kickstarter orders while they will be on general sale from July.

He admitted he had reservations about appearing on television after his Glowstone smart mug was featured in 2018 on the ITV series ‘Give It a Year’ in which it was described as “unfeasible” by Baroness Karren Brady, best known for appearing on The Apprentice with Lord Alan Sugar.

But the response to the flashlight has been a huge lift for the company which had struggled in the last year when employees at times went without pay.

Thomas said: “Appearing on the programme was our X-Factor moment and we are lucky the new product resonated so well. We earned as much in the week following the programme than in the whole of last year.

“We have been overwhelmed with orders and will be struggling to meet the demand. But of all the challenges we have had to face, this is the best one.”

Thomas’ appearance on ‘The Customer is Always Right’ can be viewed online:

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