Councillors backing plans to transform vandalised pavilion

A PLAN to transform the vandalised pavilion at Egmont Street Playing Fields into a community hub has received backing from Mossley town councillors.

They are keen to see the shuttered changing rooms brought back to life as a community asset.

The deteriorating state of the pavilion was raised at the last town council meeting by Cllr Stephen Homer.

He said: “The changing rooms are being vandalised and are not in a good state of repair.

“My worry is that if this carries on Tameside Council will knock it down if it becomes an eyesore, and once gone it will be forever.

“I would like to explore bringing the building back into use whether as a community café or meeting hub.

“There is a lot of potential and we should explore ways of keeping the building for the town.

“If we can bring in back into use, it would be an asset for the town and another jewel in the crown for Mossley.”

Cllr Homer added the playing fields offer great potential for holding events but the absence of toilets in an obstacle.

“If we bring the pavilion back into use and it has toilets, a lot of family events could be held there,” he explained.

“If the building is back in use, it will enhance the playing fields. And the more ideas we get, the better chance we have of getting it off the ground.”

Cllr Homer has been in contact with Tameside Council who have told him they are happy to work with him in exploring ways to bring the pavilion back into use.

He said: “It is about finding a way to make it happen – opening up the facility and realising its potential.

“It is still early days, but the ambition is to save the building and get it used. We will explore all avenues and see if we can get grants to do the work.”

Cllr Idu Miah said: “It would be brilliant to bring the pavilion back to use.

“Whether as a café or something else, it will enhance the community and it is a wonderful idea.”

Town Council chair Cllr Frank Travis described the proposals as “aspirational and inspirational”.

Lesley Arnold, chair of the Friends of Egmont Street which was formed four years ago to improve the area, would love to see pavilion restored to its former glory.

She said: “We are not involved as a project of that size is way beyond our means as we are a tiny gardening group.

“We formed to better the area as there was a lot of graffiti and we have worked on the borders of the playing fields making them into garden and putting up picnic tables.”

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