Life during lockdown – one man’s photo diary

A PHOTOGRAPHER is taking his camera on his daily exercise walks to get a snapshot of life in lockdown.

And Paul Jarrett, of Thornley Road South, Denton, is looking to put the images into a book for the local community.

“This is going to be an important part of our history which is why it is worth recording,” explained the 47-year-old father of two.

Paul, whose business bomKnights Photography primarily specialises in weddings, has been badly hit by coronavirus.

Determined to keep busy, Paul decided to document local life during Covid-19, something he has found rewarding.

He said: “Usually I photograph weddings but as there isn’t any work, I thought I’d use my time to create some memories for the residents of Dane Bank.

“When it was initially one hour’s exercise each day, I would take my camera and cover as many streets as possible.

“Apart from taking photographs, I got to speak to lots of residents and hear about their lives and the history of the area.

“There was a 70-year-old resident cleaning their front door who had lived in the same house since they were three months old.

“The community have been behind what I am doing, and I would love to produce a book for them.”

Paul was even able to cover the 75th anniversary celebrations to commemorate VE Day.

While national events had to be scrapped, many family and street parties took place in Denton, adhering to social distancing.

Paul, who has lived in Denton for eight-and-a-half years, admitted it was a journey of discovery.

“I have walked down streets I had never done before and found out more about the area than I have previously done,” he said.

Paul has two subjects for his photographs – the people of Dane Bank and pets on lockdown.
His images can be viewed online:

• People –
• Pets –

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