Conserve water in dry spell, urges United Utilities

WATER bosses have urged consumers to help conserve supplies by implementing measures to reduce demand.Reservoirs water levels are visibly dropping because of the ongoing dry spell and effects of coronavirus lockdown.

Now United Utilities (UU) admit: “In some places water is being used in homes and gardens faster than we can physically get the water down our pipes to your homes and businesses.”

Since lock down key workers have delivered an extra 4.6 billion litres of water to support all communities.

A UU spokesperson said: “Life for everyone has changed so much and, as we enter the 10th week in lockdown, the way we are using water has changed a lot too.

“Many families are now at home all week and water plays a critical role in combating coronavirus through more hand washing and cleaning.

“Along with the hot dry weather and the use of water in gardens, we are using far more water than normal.

“We are not alone in this in the North West – the same high demand is being experienced across the country.

“Our key workers continue to work tirelessly to provide enough water for everyone.

But in these unprecedented times we are asking for your help in reducing demand for water by doing some simple things.

“If we can all be a bit more water aware we can make sure there is enough water for all our communities, while fighting the virus.”

As a result, customers are asked to:
• Top up the paddling pool instead of refilling it every day.
• When you’re finished, use the water on your plants so none goes to waste
• Water your pots and hanging baskets either early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation in the midday sun
• Brown lawns bounce back once it rains. Sprinklers can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour – that’s as much as a family of 6 uses in a day.
• While we are all at home creating more dirty dishes only put the dishwasher on when it’s full – it will save water and reduce your energy costs too.

For more information as well as some great water saving freebies, go online:

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