Join the Carrbrook community clean-up

A COMMUNITY clean-up takes place in Carrbrook tomorrow (Sun, May 24) to clear fly-tipping and littering.

It has been organised by Carrbrook Angling Club to tidy the areas around two waters they fish off Crowswood Drive.Members of the public are asked to meet at the bollards on Crowswood Drive at 10am when they will be handed litter picks and gloves. Social distancing will not be an issue given the expanse of the land.

Gary Rothwell, angling club chairman, admitted fly-tipping has become far more widespread in the last couple of months.

He said: “It is a disgrace, heartbreaking. We clear it, come back and it as bad again.

“We have always had fly-tipping, but it has been a lot worse since lockdown when we have struggled to get bailiffs out to patrol the area.

“We have had illegal tipping, illegal fishing and a lot of anti-social behaviour. In places it looks like an abandoned campsite.”

Gary hopes the clean-up will help the community come together as well as raising awareness of the importance of looking after the environment.

The community clean ups will take place each Sunday at 10am until the area is cleared.

“It is a case of more hands less work. If 50 people turn up, we might do it in one day. If it is only about 10, then it could take up to four weeks,” explained Gary.

Carrbrook Angling Club leases the two lakes, known as rainwater one and rainwater two, from the Casey Group.

The club, whose membership has been as high as 150, also leases the right to Millbrook Dam and Walkerwood Reservoir.

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