Scrubbed up well – Sam’s new clothes are just the job

A MOSSLEY based bridal seamstress is tailoring her talents to produce vital clothing for key health workers.

Sam Newton would be normally producing the perfect wedding dress for a host of spring and summer brides.Instead, she is hard at work making medical scrubs for NHS staff across Tameside and Oldham.

A photo of one of her finished articles even featured as part of BBC TV’s One Show ‘Scrubs for the NHS’ feature.

She has created around 20 full tunics of lightweight V neck tops and trousers at the time of going to press with more on order.

Sam, who opened Guiletta Bridal alteration studio at Weir Mill three years ago, told the Correspondent: “I see a lot of seamstresses doing the same thing.

“It is great to be using our skills and seeing it make a difference.

“At this time of year, I should be up to my eyes in wedding dresses. From March to the end of September/October is busy and it is even busier from Easter to August.

“Now, we have the time and skills to do a practical job. As a small business I am eligible for the grant.

“So, this is my way of giving back because the government are helping me out big style.

“You have got to do something for it. You just have to pull together.”

It takes Sam two days to manufacture five full sets of washable scrubs along with drawstring scrubs bag.

Sam was moved to help after finding For the Love of Scrubs group on social media.

“The North West didn’t really seem to be covered so I contacted Tameside Hospital to see if I could help,” she explained.

“At that time, they said they were quite self-sufficient but other people saw me on the group and nurses then started coming to me directly.

“But it is not just nurses: everyone from pharmacies to district nurses needs them.

“People who are not comfortable with making trousers and tops have been making the bags for he scrubs.

“It just means the wearer doesn’t have to come home with any kind of contamination.

“As I work in isolation there is no contamination in the studio and I just leave the finished articles on a chair by the door for people to collect safely.

“I have worked in the clothing industry my whole life and there is a good skill level still in North West. Hopefully it is wakening up.

“And hopefully the country as a whole will cherry pick what has been good to come out of this horrible situation.”

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