Hyde makes sure people are not left out

A GROUP of Hyde volunteers is making sure their neighbours and near neighbours are not left alone during the lockdown.Help in Hyde is going that extra step to provide assistance for those in need during these unprecedented times.

About 40 people have already put their hand up to say they will be willing to lend a hand to those who require one.

And Andrew Richardson, who formed the scheme, believes it can make a real difference.

He said: “It’s for people who are really stuck and need help. We’ve got 40 volunteers from across the whole SK14 area.

“Whenever anyone contacts me or the site, I speak to the group of volunteers and match the nearest one to the person who needs help.

“It can be something like going out to pick up a prescription or getting your shopping picked up. It could even be something as simple as having a chat on the phone to someone if you’re feeling lonely or isolated.

“A lot depends on how prepared people were for the lockdown and had anyone been able to plan in advance.

“In a lot of cases of ‘panic buying’ it was people getting themselves prepared, although there were a few cases of people being silly and buying more than they need.

“Of the 40 volunteers, a lot of them were helping people anyway, like elderly relatives. I’ve been helping my own in-laws, who are about 80-years-old, in getting their shopping and prescriptions.”

As well as the Help in Hyde group, Aqua Nurture swimming pool – which specialises in helping parents and babies/toddlers in the water – has donated its stock from its coffee shop to both the Hattersley Bread and Butter Project and the foodbank at Haughton Green in Denton.

• If you are in need of Help in Hyde, please contact Andrew Richardson on
07798 921288.

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