Traffic calming measures explored at blackspot

A CHANGE to a one-way system in Hyde is to be explored as a possible solution to issues at an accident blackspot.

It came after resident Mo Hussain called for traffic calming measures near the James North Clock at the junction of Market Street and Stockport Road.Mo, who organised a petition which was signed by other worried residents and business owners, recently met with Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, Ian Saxon, Tameside Council’s director of operations and neighbourhoods and local councillor Betty Affleck.

And one of the suggestions was a possible change to the one-way system around the Stockport Road, Smithy Lane and Lumn Road triangle.

Council engineers are to explore whether this idea would be feasible.

The idea would be to stop drivers racing down Stockport Road towards Hyde because there would be more traffic to mitigate at the roundabout.

Financial adviser Mo, 31, described it as a constructive meeting in which various suggestions were discussed.

He said: “I will be interested to see what is contained in the engineers’ report, though I should imagine there is likely to be a delay through Covid-19.

“I suggested speed ramps which are out of the equation as the road is on a bus route.

“Speed sensors were also suggested, but my preference would be a speed camera but the budget for that is down to Greater Manchester Police.”

Mo said Cllr Affleck, who lives nearby, agreed there was an issue while he has received support from residents on the James North Estate and from local businesses.

He raised the issue with The Correspondent after his car was one of two vehicles written off in the space of 11 days over the festive period.

Both were parked in the lay-by and were hit by speeding motorists who lost control after approaching the roundabout too fast.

Mo added he was made aware of three other vehicles being written off at the roundabout before he moved into his home in October 2018.

He is worried because it is a busy junction for pedestrians as Greenfield Primary, which his daughter attends, and the Rainbow Corner nursery is close by.

Mo continued: “I said it is only a matter of time before someone is killed and sadly our cat died after being hit there.

“Every day I hear skidding noises from cars approaching the roundabout too quickly and something needs to be done before there is a fatality.”

Mr Reynolds also pinpointed the issue outside The Clarks Arms which is on the one-way triangle.

After five vehicles crashed into the pub, which is on a sharp bend, over a three-year period, a protective barrier was erected outside the pub late last year.

But Mr Reynolds revealed the barrier had to be changed weeks late when it was hit yet again.
After the meeting, Mr Reynolds added the following plan had been agreed.

• Police are going to be asked to carry out speed enforcement.

• Possible deployment of the community enforcement team where local people, often schoolchildren, are given the speed guns and anyone caught speeding gets a warning letter.

• Council engineers are going to look into whether it would be feasible to change the one-way system around the Stockport Road, Smithy Lane and Lumn Road triangle. If this is feasible there would be a full consultation before proceeding.

Mr Reynolds also had a message to motorists, saying: “Like most people I’ve had to do the speed awareness course before.

“If you haven’t done it, when you’re told the impact of an accident at 20-30mph as opposed to 40-50mph, it does bring it home how we all need to drive more carefully. This is especially true in busy town centres.”

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