Singers get in on the Facebook act

LOCAL singers and pop artists have the chance to show what they can do without leaving their own front room.

And in some cases it is to bigger audiences than if they were performing in a pub or social club.

As many as 12 were lined up to entertain across the Facebook Live platform via the Hyde Past and Present page.

And Andrew Richardson, who runs the site, revealed the scheme is proving popular.

He said: “We had Luke Crabtree, an 11-year-old who performs around Hyde, do a gig on Facebook Live and it’s had more than 2,000 views.

“And all kinds of acts who normally do the pub and club circuit in Hyde and the surrounding areas have wanted to get involved.

“The plan is to get streams online three times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, all starting at 7pm.

“That way we can get acts on that can entertain the whole family.

“We’ve had some bands say they would be up for performing but obviously with social distancing regulations, that rules them out.”

The streams work by Andrew making the acts temporary administrators on the Hyde Past and Present page, enabling them to stream their performance.

And so far, they have proved a popular addition to many people’s days.

Andrew added: “The response has been superb but as ever with these things, we could always do with more acts.

“Especially any of the bigger names if they fancy it, that would be fantastic.”

• If you fancy doing an online gig, you can message Andrew Richardson via the Hyde Past and Present Facebook page or contact him on 07798 921288.

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