Ruby beats cancer twice to become online singing hit

A DANE Bank girl has become an online signing hit with a self-written tune detailing her fights against cancer.

Ruby Tanswell still bares the scars of her battles as she has a VAC suction dressing on her chest which needs regular changing at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.But she has turned what she has been through into verse and she has been viewed online an amazing 139,500 times.

“She’s amazing,” said proud mum Adelle Wright. “I can’t believe what she’s done.

“It’s a massive thing for Ruby to write her own song and I just want her to get the recognition she deserves.

“If it inspires one person to carry on and keep going then it’s a case of job done.”

Ruby, who lives on Shirley Avenue and attends St Joseph’s Primary School in nearby Reddish, has certainly been through it in her young life.When she was 14-months-old, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer in 2010.

After operations, chemotherapy and proton beam therapy in Jacksonville, Florida, she got the all clear on May 2011.

But on December 28, Ruby found a lump in her chest and scans and biopsies confirmed her family’s worst fears, it was cancer again.

After a seven hour operation on January 22, which included three quarters of her sternum, cartilage and parts of her ribs being removed, all the cancer was removed without the need for chemotherapy.

And now she has decided to turn her experiences into a rap.

Adelle, 38, added: “I never thought it would be viewed so many times, we thought it may get 200 or something.

“She’s OK but she’s still getting treated every week with having the VAC pad on her chest. The wound from the operation was just not closing up, possibly as a result of the proton beam therapy she’d had.

“It has to be changed every week, so she has to go to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she had her last operation.

“Who knows? Hopefully this may inspire Ruby to start writing more songs, that would be amazing and I’d lover her to write more.

“Ruby’s been a bit overwhelmed by it all, in a nice way. She may look like she’s quite a confident girl but she isn’t really.

“But she loves singing and even though this is a rap, she has a good voice.”

7 Replies to “Ruby beats cancer twice to become online singing hit”

  1. Ruby, you are an absolute star, an inspiration and a positive light in trying times and like your name you are a jewel in the crown of life. Shine on

  2. We love Ruby. The true definition of a fighter. I am proud to be Ruby’s Martial arts coach and friend. From us all at Jason Bairds Black belt academy and also The Stockport Spider-Men – Ruby we LOVE you!
    Jason aka Spidey 🕷❤🕷

  3. Aw Ruby, i actually never knew you had been a very poorly little girl, and yet from serving you your school dinner from reception or year one to my leaving in 2019 you always had a lovely smile on you every day. So Ruby id like to say it was a pleasure knowing then you are a very brave young girl and i loved your song well done.
    Lots of love and hugs. Mel xxx

  4. Hi ruby so pleased for your success … and health …. you are awesome a complete inspiration to us all … lots of love tiny Tiger brody mum and nana and more hugs for you and your family xxxx

  5. Ive known this little princess since she was a beautiful little babba. Her strength, smile and voice truly inspire me! Keep doing what your doing you little princess warrior we are all so so proud of you xxxx

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