Stalybridge Celtic FC: Impossible to plan

STALYBRIDGE Celtic manager Simon Haworth described it as impossible to plan for the 2020-21 season because of the coronavirus virus lockdown.

He added there are more important priorities with the country hit by Covid-19.

“It doesn’t seem right talking about football when everybody’s focus is keeping well and taking care of people,” he said.

And he added preparations will be on hold until a start date is given for the new Northern Premier League campaign.

Haworth revealed he had spoken to the players and all have expressed interest in returning.

“We can only have conversations if and when the crisis has passed and I know what our budget will be,” he said.

Haworth added he can see clubs, badly hit by the crisis, being forced to cut wage bills.

He said: “What some clubs are paying is unrealistic for this level of football.

“There are players being paid figures being earned in League Two, which is not sustainable.”

Celtic were in 12th place when the NPL campaign was abandoned – they had been fifth after the Boxing Day win at Hyde United.

Haworth described it as a “step forward” on the previous season when they only avoided relegation after winning on the last day of the season.

He said: “It would be foolish to say we will have the same side next season as we still need to improve.

“We have moved the club forward, but I am mindful the season had petered out and we would probably have finished 10/15 points off the play offs.”

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