Centre warns of water dangers after break-ins

A CENTRE that enables children from Hyde and Denton to get out on the water has been forced to issue warnings after break-ins.On more than one occasion, boats belonging to Debdale Outdoor Activity Centre and the Sea Cadets were taken out on to reservoirs at Debdale Park, which borders Denton and Audenshaw.

Police are believed to have disturbed a raid on the Sea Cadets’ premises in mid-April.

Nothing is believed to have been taken in the incidents but some of the group’s vessels may be damaged.

And those responsible have been warned that despite the recent hot weather, they are risking their lives as if they end up in the water, the shock of the cold could kill them.

Nicola Stockdale, commodore of DOAC, said: “We cannot stress enough how dangerous this is.

“The water is only about eight degrees Celsius at this time of year and so although the air is warm the water is freezing.

“This means that even the best swimmer could be caught out from cold water shock, which can incapacitate you and you can drown in minutes.

“There have been too many reservoir deaths over the last few years and you do not want to join them, think about your families and what it would do to them.

“We know it’s tempting to go out on the water in wonderful weather – we have been waiting ourselves to get out there and have fun.

“But please wait for us to open the Centre after the lockdown and you can have as much safe fun as you like.

“I don’t think it was essential travel to come to the centre while it is closed and take some of the boats out!

“Not only was that extremely selfish, in that our boats are probably now damaged and ruined for when we come out of lockdown, but also it was incredibly dangerous!”

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