Mossley town councillor diagnosed with coronavirus

MOSSLEY town councillor Martin Stimson is the latest local politician to contract coronavirus.

The 72-year-old is recovering after being unwell for three weeks in which he lost about one stone in weight.

Cllr Stimson believes he probably picked up the virus while shopping as he was doing extra errands for his 98-year-old mother Lillian.

He explained he had self-isolated when it was recommended given his age and he has underlying health issues.

However, he was making the 45-mile round trip to Walkden most days to shop and cook for his mother who still lives alone.

Cllr Stimson said: “My younger brother Robin and I were taking it in turns but, when he had to self-isolate it was down to me to go every day.

“After a couple of weeks looking after her, being very careful and keeping distance between her and myself, she had a bad day, feeling dizzy and poorly. I was at her house and started feeling poorly myself.

“My brother came back from isolation, obtained some care for my mum and I returned home feeling rough.”

Cllr Stimpson added he had been self-isolating from his girlfriend Lynne, a frontline nurse, since the start of Covid-19.

He continued: “She persuaded me to ring 111 and describe my symptoms which were headache, earache, high temperature, general weakness and unsteadiness.

“The doctor confirmed it as Covid-19 and advised that I rest, take paracetamol and if I have any trouble breathing, phone an ambulance.”

Cllr Stimson added it took three weeks to get beck to something like normal, but he is still lacking energy while his mother is home after a brief spell in hospital.

  • Cllr David Sweeton spent eight days in Tameside Hospital with the virus while Cllrs Eleanor Wills and Shibley Alam self-isolated with the symptoms as did Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish.

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