Tameside shoppers encouraged to support local food banks

SHOPPERS are being urged to put some extra items in their baskets while buying essential groceries to help support local food banks.

One of the easiest ways people can help local residents who are in need – either because of the coronavirus situation or other circumstances – is to donate items to the food bank collections points that can be found in most supermarkets.

Tameside food banks have reported dwindling supplies in the last two weeks as donations have run lower than usual. People are reminded they can still donate to food banks as part of their trip to the supermarket to do their essential food shopping.

Food banks are particularly short of tinned items especially meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as chocolate biscuits and snacks.

Tameside Council Executive Leader said: “I know lots of people want to support their community in these difficult times and the one of the easiest things they can do is regularly donate to their local food bank. They can do this as part of their trip for essential grocery items – without putting themselves or others as any extra risk – as most supermarkets have food bank collection points.

“It is understandable that shortages of certain items may have made people focus on stocking their own cupboards but now, as we all adjust to the situation, I would urge people to put some items in their trolley for the food bank too so they can continue to support local people and families in need.”

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