Tameside Neighbourhood Watch launches ‘knock on a neighbour’ scheme during coronavirus outbreak

‘KNOCK on a neighbour’ is one of the initiatives introduced by Tameside Neighbourhood Watch groups in this time of national emergency.

They say the organisation is more than protecting material things as they look to support the elderly and vulnerable.

Tony Moran

Tony Moran, Tameside borough lead for the Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “Our members are here to play their part across the borough at this time of uncertainty doing what it says on the tin.

“It is much more than protecting property and possessions but brings residents together not only in their hour of need, but in times of this national emergency.

“With our network of registered groups in Tameside and through sharing values and good practice, we can look out for and care for those most vulnerable in our society being able to use local knowledge and life skills experiences in building a neighbourhood community spirit.

“Together, we can and will make a difference now and long after this pandemic has gone.”

In practical terms, groups can help by promoting the ‘Knock on a neighbour’ campaign by popping a Neighbourhood Watch Association message contact details leaflet to the lonely, most  vulnerable or those self-isolating who over the coming months will be in need of neighbourly support.

Already several Tameside groups have formed networking teams of local residents to act as neighbourhood ambassadors who residents know and trust.

They have volunteered to keep an eye on a resident who is most vulnerable in the event they require shopping, prescriptions or a friendly reassuring phone call.

Tony added: “We will most certainly prove to be a useful platform ready to support residents managing in practical terms in the best we can to eradicate coronavirus.

“Neighbourhood Watch groups in Tameside and across Greater Manchester will still be here long after better equipped and stronger to continue the good work of the delivering our aim in ‘neighbourhood matters, safeguarding you and your community.

“A big thank you to all those volunteers who once again have stepped up to the challenge.”

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