Denton community launch pen pals group to bring happiness to Tameside

AS MORE and more families find themselves in self-isolation, one Dane Bank woman has created a Facebook Group aimed at keeping young children occupied.

Like so many around the UK, Kerry Boland, a telecommunications industry specialist, was finding it challenging working a full-time job from home with three worried kids to entertain.

She said: “I was sat at my dining room table on day four in isolation with my kids craving attention. I felt so deflated and like a bad mother, but I still had to work to keep providing for them.

“I saw a post on Facebook about how children were displaying rainbows in their window, so I posted it on a local group page and got a really good response.

“It got me thinking, and I asked if people would be interested in starting a pen pal group, mainly for the children, but also for any parents in the local area.”

The Dane Bank Pen Pals Facebook Group has proved a hit since launching on March 19. It not only helps keep children engaged while in isolation but encourages new friendships and community spirit.

In addition to children writing to their pen pals, they have been painting pictures to hang in their window as part of their ‘window wonderland’ initiative as well as virtual story times and book clubs.

Kerry continued: “I set up Dane Bank Pen Pals and in just three days it had accumulated nearly 100 members, with at least 44 children writing letters to each other.

“Some are typed, and some are hand-written. Some people are even started posting photos of their window displays, so we’ve started doing a window wonderland theme too.

“Every few days we change the theme and so far, we’ve done rainbows and Mother’s Day displays. This week it’s positive quotes and funny faces. Everyone is really enjoying it at this uncertain time.”

If you would like to join in with the Dane Bank Pen Pals activities, simply logon to Facebook at join their group here:

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