‘Panic buying’ at Tesco’s Tameside stores not causing worries

‘PANIC buying’ of toilet roll is not likely to stretch a supermarket’s supply chain to breaking point.

Toilet roll aisle in Tesco store Stalybridge (taken March 10th, 2020)

Shelves at Tesco in Stalybridge have been left almost empty as people buy products in bulk because of the coronavirus outbreak.


It has been reported customers are filling up their trolleys just with loo rolls as concerns over the bug grow around the country.


However, it is thought Tesco, which also has a large store at Hattersley, is confident demand will not outstrip supply.


Complaints of shops not having hand sanitiser on their shelves have been heard in recent days as the condition caused five people across the country to die.


The Correspondent understands bosses are aware of certain products being in high demand and they are working to restock stores as quickly as possible.


But any short-term issues, like certain stores selling out, are not an indication of a long-term supply problem relating to its toilet paper, which is made in the UK.


Shoppers have been given advice on what to buy and how much and currently it is a case of shopping as normal.

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