Gwynne’s Corner: Andrew Gwynne, MP looks at what we can do to fight climate change

By Andrew Gwynne MP

LATER this year, you are going to hear a lot about COP 26. For about two weeks in November, leading politicians and activists will descend on Glasgow for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Given that climate change is a global issue, these annual conferences are arguably the most important meetings each year in the fight for our planet’s future.

COP 26 will be the first ever in our country and I really hope all the extra coverage will ensure more British people have a think about their impact on the environment.

As important as the COP 26 meeting will be, I think that sometimes these meetings can give the wrong impression.

In November, you will see lots of important presidents and prime ministers shaking hands in front of flags and protesters. Both things are an important part of the process, but it can all feel a bit distant from our lives here in Denton. But it’s not.

The issues that will be dealt with at COP 26 are issues that either already affects us here or that is likely to have an effect in the future – air quality, environmental degradation, climate refugees, extreme weather events, resource shortages and so on.

While the politicians and officials are making important decisions at a very high level, it is important we think about what we can do in our own lives to help.

We all want to make sure Denton is a clean and healthy place to live and there are little things we can all do – for example, walk, cycle or take the bus rather than drive.

We should also try to protect our green spaces, which is why I’m so passionate about standing up against the proposed massive expansion of the Bredbury Parkway Industrial Estate.

While the industrial estate itself is across the river in Stockport, it is Denton that will bear the brunt of the negative impact, whether that is the environmental damage on our nature reserves or the air pollution caused by a huge increase in HGV traffic down Stockport Road.

This project should not go ahead – let’s keep Denton as clean and as green as possible.

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