Drop down day at Denton focuses on life lessons

STUDENTS at the Denton Community College dropped their conventional timetable for a less traditional curriculum during the school’s Lifelong Learning PSHE Drop Down Day on January 17.

Designed to focus on life lessons rather than academics, the annual drop-down day is part of the college’s five-year plan to educate students on the realities of the real world.

Seminars are delivered by a mixture of external agencies and internal staff on a range of subjects, including first aid training, knife crime awareness, dangers of online gambling and sex education.

Liam Spencer, head of religious studies, PSHCE and citizenship, said: “We wanted to build up our PSHCE experience for the students and the lifelong learning day enables us to do just that.

“About 60 per cent of the timetable is delivered by outside experts, people who have real life experience about the subject that they’re representing.

“This is the second year we have done the drop-down day. It has proved very popular with the students and gives them a chance to engage with a range of different subjects.”

The drop-down day also allows the college to draw on the experiences of trained professionals to educate and inform young people about the wider community and the world they live in.

It gives students the opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways, challenging themselves to communicate with new people and learn essential life skills to become well-rounded individuals.

Liam continued: “The students love it. It’s a fresh way of learning and they get to do things that are quite unique and very different to their usual timetabled lessons.

“Sometimes it is group work, other times it is presenting and there’s even a little bit of physical activity. All these different ways of engagement help learning that doesn’t involved copying text.

“They also appreciate the opportunity to talk about the different subjects, share their own experiences and even ask questions in a relaxed environment.”

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