Residents’ concerns over plans for nine new houses

WOODEND View residents in Mossley have expressed growing concerns about a proposed planning application that would see up to nine new properties constructed on the land.

Woodend View, Mossley

FQW Designs submitted their application to build six houses and three apartments on an area known locally as ‘The Green’, between New Earth Street and Roughtown Road, in October.

In addition to the proposed new dwellings the plans include parking spaces for up to 22 vehicles, which one local described as “ridiculous, considering the local infrastructure is already at its limit.”

Resident Alan Bishop said: “This proposal will cause absolute mayhem for the residents here, not just in terms of increased traffic but the strain on other local services.

“We are very worried about the increased demand for water, power and waste disposal and we’re concerned about potential damage to roads and buildings as a result of the influx of heavy machinery.

“How they expect to get wagons down these tiny streets is beyond me.

“The fire service attended New Earth Street last year and couldn’t get their truck down the road because of parked cars.”

A previous application, unrelated, for the construction of three houses in the same area was thrown out amid worries surrounding the integrity of the drainage system.

And while those concerns are still present in the minds of the locals, they also harbour fears of subsidence on to the nearby railway line as a result of an underground well.

Consultations on the planning application for Woodend View concluded on February 5, and a decision on the proposed development is expected around March 6.

Tameside Council has been approached for a comment but had not replied when the Correspondent went to print.

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  1. These planning applications do not take in to consideration the terrain access or safty issues . Nor the capzcity for demand on the limited services available for the town which is already straining under too much housing development

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