Extensive range at new Nxt Gen Vapours store to help smokers quit

WANT to kick smoking, why not pay a visit to Nxt Gen Vapours for friendly and potentially life-saving advice.

A conversation with former smoker Arron Valente, manager of their new shop at 78 Manchester Road, Denton, is just what the doctor might prescribe for those who want to source an alternative to tobacco.

Arron explained smokers have never had it so good in terms of the e-cigarette product range at their disposal.

He said: “More and more people are quitting smoking every day and switching to vaping.

“What we pride ourselves on is our customer service as it is important to get the right advice to help you quit smoking.

“Not only will it save you money but potentially it may save your life.

“I am sure everyone who has smoked, myself included, wants to quit.

“It is hard to get off cigarettes as I found, but it is definitely doable. I simply want to help them do so.”

Arron, who lives in Stalybridge, added smokers switching to e-cigarettes want to know the best device for them and the strength of vapour required.

He continued: “Nine times out of 10 people come in looking for products that produce a lot of vapour.

“If you are a smoker, that’s not the best advice for you. I would rather sell someone the right device rather than the most expensive.

“It is not necessarily the most expensive product that will help people quit – we recommend the right one.

“If you get it right, you have potentially saved someone’s life which is a good feeling for me.

“if someone comes in and says they haven’t had a cigarette for so many months, that to me means I have done by job.

“I was a 20-a-day smoker but have not had one for five years and e-cigarettes helped me quit.”

Arron added the range of e-cigarettes in considerable with flavours as diverse as strawberry, banana and dragon fruit to blueberry Graham Cracker cinnamon pie.

He also pointed out while a pack of cigarettes costs about £10, you can buy six e-cigarette refills for the same price and they might last a couple of weeks.

Arron Valente and customer Stephen Wood

Customer Stephen Wood, 27, from Hyde, said: “I have been a customer of Arron at Dukinfield, Mossley and Denton and all the information he gives me is bang on the money.

“I have been to other vaping shops and they simply want to sell you things. Rather than spend £60 on a new module, Arron will advise you getting the right liquid.”

The number of smokers quitting is on the increase as underlined by Nxt Gen Vapours’ rapid expansion as they have opened three stores in as many years – the others are at King Street, Dukinfield, and Stamford Street, Top Mossley.

And it is very much a family business involving Arron, his father-in-law Tony and his uncle Philip.

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