Council leaves area in the dark

A GROUP is pressing ahead with its bid to bring more light to an area – after being thwarted by Tameside Council.

People raised enough funds to both boost the lights on a Christmas tree at the Memorial Gardens in Audenshaw and add their own illuminations.But just like the decision to not allow poppies to be attached to lampposts in Stalybridge in the build-up to Armistice Day, they were told they could not put them on display – despite illuminations being hung from them before.

Now Danny Mather, who spearheaded last year’s fundraising campaign, wants to meet with the authority in an attempt to force a rethink.

Essentially, Tameside said no even though they offered to cover the costs.

Danny said: “After all the amazing fundraising, we thought we would be able to light the five streetlamps.

“But the powers that be apparently have a policy to not allow stuff on lampposts.

“Each one needs certificating apparently. We were willing to pay this but apparently other reasons prevented.

“It’s a battle I’m going to take up this year. Every other council in Greater Manchester do it, so I can’t understand.”

Last year’s display was secured after fed up locals decided enough was enough and opted to raise money to make sure more lights could be put on the tree.

And it is hoped this year’s will be even bigger and better.

Danny, who lives on Barn Grove, added: “We were all very happy that the Memorial Gardens had its Christmas tree illuminated again.

“There were a few incidentals to pay for – things like pat testing and making the electricity source was safe, so we settled for the tree lights.

“But we want to sort a bigger and better display for 2020.

“There is some money in the pot still and later in the year we may proceed with another fundraising page.

“A massive thank you to all for helping.”

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