Denton Cricket Club is on Garde

A NEW year and a new decade means a new attitude at Denton Cricket Club.

And leading the change is new captain Jamie Garde, who literally lives on their doorstep on Boundary Green.

Denton CC captain Jamie Garde playing for Echuca in Australia

The 28-year-old has plans for the 2020 season after being offered the role at the Egerton Street side, which he has been associated with since he was nine-years-old.

They mostly revolve around the way they prepare for matches and he hopes alterations can bring improved fortunes in the Greater Manchester Cricket League.

“It’s just little things like training better,” said Jamie. “Also creating an all-round better atmosphere around the place.

“If we can do that, then hopefully we can push for promotion.

“Sometimes an atmosphere can come from something as simple as winning games. Now we’ve got four or five new faces and things are looking a lot more positive.”

Training will not change in terms of frequency, it will still be on Tuesdays and Thursdays but what players do and the way they do them may alter.

And all the sides are set to train together where possible.

Jamie added: “Things were a bit disjointed and sometimes it was a case of just turning up and batting and bowling.

“Now things will be a lot more organised. I’d rather it be like that.”

Denton CC has already signed a new pro for the 2020 season with Sri Lankan Asantha Singappuli coming on board.

And Jamie revealed talks about players have been ongoing since the end of last season as they look to get up after being placed in the championship, the GMCL’s third tier.

The second XI will play in division 3E but the man in charge on the field has big aims after also playing for Flowery Field and Echuca in Victoria, Australia.

“I’ve grown up here,” he continued. “I came through the junior ranks and being captain at Denton is something I’ve always wanted to do.

“I may have had a couple of spells away but I’ve always been a Denton lad. I’ve always been around the club and there are a couple of other things I’d like to do now I’ve been named captain.”

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