Pupils dig in to make Denton better

DENTON Community College pupils have been getting their hands dirty to help make an area of the town look better.Members of year eight mucked in with a project to renovate and clear up and area close to Denton Medical Practice on Ashton Road.

Pens and notebooks were swapped for spades and forks as clearance work took place on the start of phase one of the project.

Denton Community College, which stands just yards from the medical centre, will be involved in future work to tidy up and bring new life to a patch of land that needed attention.

Denton Health Champions and Greenscape were also involved in helping the project, which has been organised by Action Together.

The garden project, which runs until March 2020, was set up to create a network of partners across Droylsden, Audenshaw and Denton.

Partners will consist of GP practices, community groups, Denton Community College, St Martin’s Church, Integrated Neighbourhood manager Jeanette Leach, local volunteers and Action Together community wellbeing officer.

Greenscape is leading the start of the gardening project by running weekly/monthly sessions to upskill volunteers and put together a bespoke project brief for each location.

Each partner will take ownership of insuring volunteers and engaging in sessions and in Denton’s case, the GP practice manager will work with the health champions and doctors will refer patients into the project, as will Action Together.

A range of outcomes are expected, including improving green areas across Droylsden, Audenshaw and Denton, improving wellbeing and reducing social isolation and loneliness.

It will also support people with low mood, low self-esteem or a loss of confidence and support place-based working that improves lives in local communities.

And Chris Moorhouse from the organisation described the session on Tuesday, October 22 as, ‘a great way to spend the morning.’

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