Historians disappointed by re-naming of oldest pub

LOCAL historians have hit out at the re-naming of Denton’s oldest pub.The Angel Hotel, reportedly first licenced in 1597, will be known as the Old Peg when it shortly reopens following a £130,000 refurbishment.

Members of Denton Local History Society are unimpressed, especially as the new sign does not feature the half-timbered pub as it once looked but Denton St Lawrence’s Church from about 1850 when it was known as Denton Chapel.

History society chairman Allan Arrowsmith says those who have overseen the relaunch of the pub have got their “historical facts confused”.

Allan explained how he believed the confusion has arisen saying Denton St Lawrence’s is known locally as the ‘Old Peg Church’ because of the way the half-timbered building was constructed.
He said: “It looks as though somebody has got the two buildings mixed up.

“The church is Denton’s oldest building and The Angel Hotel the oldest pub and second oldest building in the town.”

Allan continued: “Someone has clearly not done their research properly as this is certainly a cock-up.

“Someone has got their knickers in a knot to put it crudely.”

Allan added he had spoken to residents who are not members of the history society and they are also objected to the change of name.

“I can understand the pub wanting to create a new image, but changing its name is not the answer,” he said.

History society member Frank Brown said: “Our members are shocked and horrified that the pub’s name has been changed.

“And from my conversations, a lot of people are upset about what has happened.”

The Angel Hotel was not long ago acquired by the Ei Group which in the largest UK pub chain in the UK with more than 5,000 properties.

Trouble previously at the pub prompted Greater Manchester Police to call for a review of its licence.

Tameside Council’s licensing committee decided to renew the Hyde Road tavern’s licence but with strict conditions.

And the representative from the Ei Group told the licensing committee they were considering changing the pub’s name to rid the place of its reputation.

“It’s not a bad pub, it’s just been badly run,” Richard Taylor told the committee.

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