Corinna is champion slimmer

CHAMPION slimmer Corinna Barnes is well on the way to becoming half the person she once was.

Corinna has lost 102 pounds to be the top slimmer at the Beeweighed group which meets at Denton Cricket Club.To put into perspective the amount of weight Corinna lost, Beeweighed founder Lynda Lead-better filled 10 large bottles of water each weighing 10lbs.

Corinna received an award from Denton MP Andrew Gwynne who described her weight loss as a “remarkable achievement”, even more so as she also had seven-month-old daughter Poppy along the way.

She has not completed her weight loss mission, however, which is to lose 10st or 140lbs.

When Corinna, who lives in Hyde, began her journey three-and-a-half years ago she weighed 22 stone and three pounds.

She said: “My weight started to creep up when I was aged about 20.

“It was causing a lot of health problems with my back, feet and I also suffered heartburn while self- confidence was an issue. I decided I had to do something to get my weight down.”

Corinna initially joined another slimming group with Lynda, lost 50lbs and only put on six pounds during her pregnancy.

She returned to her slimming regime in February but with Beeweighed after Lynda had formed her own group.Since returning Corinna has shed a further 52lb and today weighs in at 14st 13lb.

Corinna said: “I feel a different person and, without being cheesy, it has given me a new lease of life.

“Since having my daughter it has doubled my motivation as I want to be a good role model for her.”

Corinna, who married Aidy two years ago, gave advice to other would-be slimmers, explaining: “In the last three-and-a-half years I have had ups and downs on my weight loss journey.

“It you put on a few pounds don’t beat yourself up as life is full of ups and downs.

“You must also still have treats because if you diet seven days a week you would fall apart.

“My treat is a takeaway. If I have a craving for something, I will wait until Saturday for some-thing sweet.”

Lynda has 189 members at Denton Cricket Club and recently formed a new group at Hyde and has others at Didsbury and Levenshulme.

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